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With its rustic appearance and traditional style, our bedroom collection fit in any setting. Our bedrooms allow everyone to experience the beauty of well crafted and designed furniture. We keep the natural look of the wood by using a low sheen catalyzed lacquer finish. Because each piece of furniture is unique, no two pieces will be completely identical.


Dining Room


Our furniture are a traditional fourlegged design. They are made from our Aspen logs or reclaimed wood and are full of charater. You will value the durability and natural appearance of our rustic furniture.




We offer the perfect furniture for any area in your house needing some workspace. Whether you need a desk, shelves, or a cabinet you'll have plenty of storage space for anything you need.


Living Room


These custom livingroom pieces are made from rich wood. Designed to retain the natural beauty of the weathered timbers, each piece is crafted by hand and protected by catalyzed laquer. It makes for a perfect fit in your entryway, livingroom and bedroom.


Accent Pieces


We offer a variety of ornamental pieces to fit various themes or styles. Ornamental pieces can be made from reclaimed wood, fencepost, aspen, and juniper.